Glass Art

Glass Art for sale by local artists in Charleston, South Carolina

Butterfly Garden Stained Glass Jar
The design on this jar is a hand painted, one of a kind design.  It was created using Gallery Glass staines, applied in several layers to give the piece good depth in color while still retaining partial transparency.  The process used to..
Easy NUH...
My swing on some Jamaican feel art work made with colored glass sand and sea shells and star fish with viberant colors that when (Easy Nuh)  is displayed in a cool setting will make ya smile . ..
Eternal Love Tree of Life Stained Glass Bottle
Handmade item Design created by hand using Gallery Glass stains Bottle measures 4.75" by 3.5" by 1" Tree of Life on one side, and a heart and soul eternal love design on the other side, perfect gift for your special someone :..
Fairy Topia
This is an acrylic painting on an old window ..
Florida Beach combing
underwater scene inspired by wals on the beaches of Florida finding those sheels and coarl that wash up after a summer storm. ..
NOLA is what she is a party in frame yearsofbead gathering collecting inspired me to create a window that capture a day in life of a resident .. ..
Oak Tree
Glass cut tree in window frame can be postioned in window or hung on wall or hung out side your patio create your ow vibe by thinking outside the box on most my window art.  ..
south carolina coutry road
This picture combines both the low country feel the sand dirt roads by a body of water near azeals..peacfull southern setting  ..
Springtime Blossoms Stained Glass Bottle
This bottle as created using Gallery Glass brand glass stains and features a Rose of Sharon on one side, and various flowers and a Monarch Butterfly on the other side.  The bottle looks striking sitting on a sunny windowsill, as the sunlight ..
Tree of Life Mosaic Glass Design Stained Glass Bottle
Handmade item Design created freehand using Gallery Glass brand glass stains Tree of Life on one side, Mosaic design on the other side Bottle measures 4.75" tall by 3.5" wide Can be cleaned with mild soapy water and a s..
Tropical Sunrise Stained Glass Bottle
Handmade item Design created using Gallery Glass brand glass stains Bottle measures 4.5" tall by 3.5" wide Back of bottle painted with a clear textured finish to help refract light and enhance the design NOT dishwasher ..
Wire Wrapped Vetro Di Murano Glass w / 24k Gold Leaf Inlay Pendant
This Murano glass piece was impoted from Italy and hand wrapped with black colored copper, antique brass and natural copper wire.  It is a statement piece pendant and one of a kind. ..
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