Paper Mache Body Art Commission

Artist: "It's A Woman Thing" By Eileen  
Location: Myrtle Beach
Category: 3D-Art, Mixed-Media, Commissions
Dimensions: 30.0" x 18.0" x 8.0"
Shipping Weight: 5.0 lbs

Paper Mache Body Art - It's a WomanThing! -  Hang on your door in your bedroom, to hold necklaces, scarves, etc., OR hang on a wall.  

This one is an example and was specifically made for my mom.  She is amazing, and raised (with my dad) ten of us children that she calls "My Babies" .  She is a Christian, an RN, a wonderful cook, sang songs to us and always taught us to do good.and pray.  This has her picture on the front, with the 10 of us.  It has her handwritten favorite recipe,songs she sang, little sayings and reminders, Proverbs 31, etc.  This was her Mother's Day gift.   Her heart stands out and is beautiful.  The key reminds me of her saying when asked how she raised 10 kids, "Love is the key!"   Personal ones similar to this can be commissioned starting at $125.00.  First come first serve.

After I speak to you and receive all of your pictures, and personal things you want on it, there is about a 2 week turnaround. 

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