3D Art

Three dimensional artwork, including pottery, sculpture, and more for sale direct from South Carolina artists.

"Ancient Ritual" Original Miniature
This is an original and the photo does not compare to holding this in your hand or displaying on a table, desk or mantle. These miniatures are full of detail and color and almost appear as a 6x12.  These are very popular as gifts.  W..
"Can"ine Can Portraits
I like to paint portraits on new paint cans. Why not? I paint portraits of people, pets, cars, and old home-places. Paint cans come with a lid (and treats if you request them)!! I use acrylic paint and put an outer coating of acrylic polymer t..
"I Fight Like A Girl" - FOR BIDDING ONLY
FOR BIDDING ONLY - NOT FOR SALE "I Fight Like A Girl" honors those who have fought or continue to fight the battle of breast cancer. It is because of their "Fight" that awareness for myself and others to get screened continues. The outside say..
A Moment in Time
This mixed-media piece holds over 16 watches and clocks on heavy pine painted with metallic oils and professionally framed in oak. The white spaces are just that, open space. This sturdy 20 pound piece was created to honor time and the creato..
Beach Bungalow
Paper collage Found object Wood Mixed media ..
Beetle Wing Christmas Ornament
These alternative Christmas ornaments will definitely liven up your tree and add a hint of glamor. Although in the traditional colors of green and red, these ornaments are anything but typical. They are made out of beetle wings! Step out of th..
Bernard of the Lowcountry
Skratch, a super adaptable, workable, non-toxic, plant-based architectural medium is taking hold all over the country, and Megann has worked her magic to create this whimsical hound dog who is covered in a plethora of colorful, SC-rooted images - ..
Bird on Blue
One of the most popular works are my bird shack pieces. This is crafted from collected beach wood and found objects and highlighted with a bird created from cardboard and paper collage. A row of red peonies fashioned out of old washers and coat ha..
Blue Shack
Found object Paper collage  Acrylic on wood  8in X 12in  ..
Blue star dining table
This unique shaped table is painted in turquiose blue with stars and a stain to make it look weathered. Add your choice of chairs for a conversation piece. ..
Broken Heart
Broken metal and various other found objects reflect the broken spirit one feels when experiencing a broken heart. The large red heart is created from card board and layers of red tissues symbolizing the layers and dimensions that characterize a b..
Butterfly Garden Stained Glass Jar
The design on this jar is a hand painted, one of a kind design.  It was created using Gallery Glass staines, applied in several layers to give the piece good depth in color while still retaining partial transparency.  The process used to..
Catch the Waves
This painting was created using acrylic paint on a skim board.  The board was treated with a protective glazing for durability and UV fade resistance.  Size is 40 inches by 20 inches. ..
Chalkboard dresser
5 drawer wood dresser has cream shabby chic sides with black chalkboard fronts so you can label what is in each drawer. ..
Chicks Rule
Found object, acrylic on wood ..
Copper, Howlite and Mookaite Native American Dreamcatcher
- Handmade item - Solid copper wire used for outer ring, webbing, and beading - Genuine Mookaite and Howlite gemstone beads - Measures about 4" wide by 7" long ..
Crab Shack Jr.
Found object Paper collage Acrylic paint Wood Mixed media ..
Decorative Boy Baby Mobile with origami owls and leaves on a wire tree in rustic colors - Nursery Mobile - Room Decor
Add a little uniqueness to your little boy's room with this one of a kind, handcrafted, origami mobile. There are fourteen origami pieces that consist of owls and leaves, all are securely attached to this decorative treetop wire base. A lot of pro..
Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
Inspired by the iconic movie, "The Wizard of Oz," this original 16" x 20" acrylic, 3-D masterpiece is the next item you need for your collection!   Using architectural medium called Skratch, the picture comes alive - not only are the heels of..
Easy NUH...
My swing on some Jamaican feel art work made with colored glass sand and sea shells and star fish with viberant colors that when (Easy Nuh)  is displayed in a cool setting will make ya smile . ..
Eternal Love Tree of Life Stained Glass Bottle
Handmade item Design created by hand using Gallery Glass stains Bottle measures 4.75" by 3.5" by 1" Tree of Life on one side, and a heart and soul eternal love design on the other side, perfect gift for your special someone :..
Fairy Topia
This is an acrylic painting on an old window ..
Fish eating fish table
Wooden accent table with fish, fish and more fish. A fun and colorful addition to any room. ..
Found object, paper collage, acrylic on foam board ..
found object, paper collage, acrylic on foam board ..
Florida Beach combing
underwater scene inspired by wals on the beaches of Florida finding those sheels and coarl that wash up after a summer storm. ..
Handmade Blue Native American Dreamcatcher
This dreamcatcher is made with a blue and silver metal ring, bleached hemp cord, dyed goose feathers, genuine Sodalite gemstone beads and Blue Goldstone beads.  It measures 6" in diameter and the toal length is about 9.5". ..
Handmade Native American Dreamcatcher
This dreamcatcher was made using an oak branch / vine wrapped in natural hemp cord, then laced with bleached hemp string.  The feathers used are dyed goose feathers, pheasant feathers, and dyed peacock feathers; and the beads used are genuine..
Handmade, decorative baby mobile with origami elephants, birds, and cherry blossom flowers in brown, pink and white colors - Nursery Mobile
Add a little uniqueness to your child's room with this one of a kind, handcrafted origami baby mobile. This mobile has 24 origami pieces that consist of; elephants, twitter birds and cherry blossom flower, all folded carefully in clean and precise..
Junk Flower
found object, paper collage, acrylic, wood on canvas ..
Just Beachin' It
Found object, acrylic on wood ..
Leaf side table
Antiques side table painted a sea mist green with leaves and white wash. A unique addition to any room. ..
NOLA is what she is a party in frame yearsofbead gathering collecting inspired me to create a window that capture a day in life of a resident .. ..
Oak Tree
Glass cut tree in window frame can be postioned in window or hung on wall or hung out side your patio create your ow vibe by thinking outside the box on most my window art.  ..
Paper Mache Body Art Commission
Paper Mache Body Art - It's a WomanThing! -  Hang on your door in your bedroom, to hold necklaces, scarves, etc., OR hang on a wall.   This one is an example and was specifically made for my mom.  She is amazing, and raised (wit..
Princess Ann Bird
This bird shack is crafted from beach collected wood and highlighted by the sassy bird and the sweet yellow poppies growing at its feet. A white picket fence can be seen to give the viewer a nostalgic feeling of old neighborhoods gone by. The Prin..
Princess headboard & side table
Single size headboard with a side table to match.  ..
Rainbow Feathered Native American Dreamcatcher
This handmade dreamcatcher was created using grapevine, hemp cord, suede cord, glass beads, genuine jasper and aventurine beads, and mutiple colors and types of dyed natural feathers.     ..
Red Shack
Found objects and acrylic on wood. ..
Rose, Cherry and Clear Quartz Tree of Life Necklace
Handmade item Made with 14 ga round silver plated copper wire, 24 ga round silver plated copper wire (hand twisted), and 26 ga round silver plated copper wire Genuine Cherry Quartz, Natural Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz gemstone chi..
Sakura Origami Baby Mobile with Kusadama Flowers and Butterflies
This gorgeous handmade origami baby mobile will make a great addition in your little girl's room or any room in your home. This flower mobile has five beautiful strands of 10 butterflies with four wire stemmed flowers, each stem is a little longer..
Shabby Chic Cabinet
This cabinet would make a great bar in any house. Painted creme and taupe in a dry brush technique to look antique.  ..
She's Come Undone
Paper collage Acrylic paint Found objects  Wood panel    ..
south carolina coutry road
This picture combines both the low country feel the sand dirt roads by a body of water near azeals..peacfull southern setting  ..
Springtime Blossoms Stained Glass Bottle
This bottle as created using Gallery Glass brand glass stains and features a Rose of Sharon on one side, and various flowers and a Monarch Butterfly on the other side.  The bottle looks striking sitting on a sunny windowsill, as the sunlight ..
Stone Giant
This is one of my personal favorites of the extremely popular and historically significant Battery sea wall. While drawing I made sure to emphasize the unique stone cracks as well as the iconic street lattern. This digital drawing has been profess..
The Blue Shutter
A truly unique drawing one of Charleston's famous flower window boxes. I am a digital artist and I spent countless hours making sure this drawing brough out the true beauty in this historic window box. This piticular drawing has be professionally ..
Tree of Life Mosaic Glass Design Stained Glass Bottle
Handmade item Design created freehand using Gallery Glass brand glass stains Tree of Life on one side, Mosaic design on the other side Bottle measures 4.75" tall by 3.5" wide Can be cleaned with mild soapy water and a s..
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