Tips for Selling Artwork

Here are some tips for how to improve and market your artwork listings. This will help you to increase your page traffic and sales on

Improve Your Artwork Listings

  1. Images
    • Are your images high-quality? In-focus? Edited and cropped properly?
    • Do you have multiple images? You may add up to five (5) per artwork listing. Include different angles, close-ups, etc. Stage the artwork on display.
  2. Description
    • Write as much information as possible. Reiterate the artwork title, artist name, medium, base, dimensions, where it was made, any options (if applicable), etc. Include keywords. This will help with search engine visibility.
    • Add a story on what inspired you to create the artwork.
    • Include any processing time required before shipping (e.g. printing).
  3. Options
    • Add options like different dimensions, framed vs. unframed, matted vs. unmatted, etc.
    • Offer customizations like choosing a color, engraving a name/message, etc.
    • Create a commissioned artwork listing
  4. Quantity
    • Do you have enough variety for customers to choose from?
    • Add as many artwork listings as possible. It's free marketing!
  5. Pricing
    • Do you use a consistent method (e.g. square inch sliding scale, sum of dimensions) to price your artwork?
    • Is your pricing consistent everywhere you sell? It should be!
    • If you are an emerging artist and feel unsure on how to price, consider comparing your artwork to others of a similar category/medium/style and take into account how long you've been at it. Once you start selling, you can always increase your prices with demand, but don't devalue sold work by decreasing your prices.

Marketing Your Artwork

  1. Social Media
    • Create accounts with Facebook (fan page), Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to increase your online visibility dramatically.
    • Post a few times a week to keep yourself and your artwork visible.
    • Include links back to your Artist Profile Webpage and individual Artwork Listings.
    • E-mail us a news story about yourself or your artwork and we'll post it to our facebook page.
  2. Website
    • Create a professional website and include images of sold/archived artwork.
    • Start a blog and document your creation process to engage patrons.
    • Include a link to your website on your Artist Profile Webpage and vice versa.
  3. Local Art Scene
    • Participate in your local art scene by attending art shows, festivals, etc.
    • Pass out business cards, flyers, etc. with your Artist Profile Webpage link.
  4. Advertise
    • Place ads on social media websites
    • Run ads in local publications