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Zach Snow


     My name is Zach Snow, I am 20 years old and have worked with different forms of art most of my life. I found my specialty with Digital Artwork. Every drawing starts as prestine photograph that I take myself, then it goes into the next process which is photo editing. I make sure the picture is perfect and ready to draw! I then take it into a specialty digital art program where I let my talent shine. I am very piticular with what drawings I put up for sale; sometimes I will spend hours on a single drawing and if is not at my high standards it will never be shown to the public. After the drawing is complete, I have the unique opprotunity to print it on any surface I would like. Right now I am specializes in high end ceramic tiles as well as preframed prints. I am also researching the possibility of metal and glass prints. Overall my passion for art and my specialty definatly shines through in every drawing.

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    Charleston, SC
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