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Join FREE No signup fee, no membership fees.
Sell FREE No commission rate charged on sales. If PayPal is selected to process payment, then sales are processed directly to your PayPal account and PayPal will charge their payment processing fee.
Artwork 50 Create your artwork listings using the Artwork Listing Manager. All forms of art are accepted: originals, prints/reproductions, digital, and music. All new listings are subject to review and one-time initial approval. Contact us to inquire about listing > 50 pieces of artwork.
Webpage Yes Artist profile page is added to our Artist Index and includes your image, bio/description, link to your website, and all your artwork listings.
Reports Yes Membership accounts include Artwork Sales History Report to track & update the status of your sales, and Artwork Listing Views Report to track views to your profile page and each artwork listing.

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How to Apply

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Your account will be active immediately. Membership features like the Artwork Listing Manager will be enabled following our review and approval. Your artist profile page will be added to our Artist Index as soon as your first artwork listing is created and approved.

Membership Requirements*

  1. Primary residence must be in South Carolina
  2. Must agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

* reserves the right to exclude any artwork that doesn't meet to our standards for quality and taste.

Additional Benefits

Every new artwork listing appears at the top of the home page. This gives every artist the opportunity to display artwork on the front page!

All artist members benefit from's beneficial relationships with other local organizations that help support our mission:

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