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Richard "Dickie" McNamee has the privilege of living his younger years on Botany Bay Plantation at Edisto Island where his father was overseer of farming operations.  Spending time as a youth in an area of such compelling, natural beauty helped Richard develop a great love of the land, its mysteries and nuances, and love for painting.  Richard's inclination to capture this beauty in paintings has been a lifetime pursuit.  The opportunity to live in the lowcountry, the beaches and rural Eastern North Carolina give him an abundance of subject matter to interpret in his art work.

Various media and materials are used to convey his work but pen&ink and oil painting provides him the means to show both the detail and expansiveness of his work.

Richard's work and designs have won numerous awards, have been used for promotional items and he has been a popular request for his murals for churches, etc.  He has served as a past President of the Charleston Artists Guild and occasionally teaches a class on technique.  Richard's main pursuit is preserving most of the essence of the land that he loves.

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"Edisto Sunrise" Original Miniature
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"Oyster I" Giclee
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"Catchin De Crab" Original Miniature
Absolutely one of my favorites.  The color and detail in this is amazing.  It's painted..
"Summer Moon" Original Miniature
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"Blue Moon" Original Miniature
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"Winter Marsh"  Giclee
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"Morris Island Light" Original Miniature
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"American Egret" Original Miniature
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"Ancient Ritual" Original Miniature
This is an original and the photo does not compare to holding this in your hand or displaying on ..
"Ancient Ritual" Turtle Giclee of 24x36 original with Signature and COA
Photos cannot show the color and details in this night painting.  It is much more impression..
"September Beach" Original Miniature
Another great miniature.  These are great for the desk, mantle or table.  The color and..
"Edisto Morning" Giclee
Another one of our favorites.  The photo can't do enough for this painting.  It's beaut..
"Cape Lookout" Giclee
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"Palms and Pelicans" Giclee or Matte
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"Carolina Moon" Giclee 18x40
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