Robbie Bell / Oil Painter

Robbie Bell

Southern Classical Realism - Oil Paintings

My paintings in oil combine wildflowers from the meadow behind my farmhouse with simple, meaningful and historical ojects - silver pieces, china cups, southern pottery, older books. Most all of my paintings are  - 11"x14" and smaller 8x10 inch canvases. An 11 x 14 with a beautiful frame will fill a mantle nicely.

I hope to pack a great deal of emotion into these still life paintings and strive for each to have a "quiet presence". The wildflower continues to change based not only on the season it blooms, but the spirit it brings to the painting. Many of my paintings are "gifted" to individuals and friends who have come upon a life changing experience. By selling a few of my paintings on this website I will be able to continue this "gifting" ministry. I hope you enjoy these paintings!

The prices of several of this set of paintings has been reduced as we move into the fall time of year!

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