LindseyKerr / Multifaceted Artist


As a freelance artist, I believe that art should express itself, giving something that is considered non-functional a functional purpose.

My subjects vary, although one point I insist on staying constant in my art is the emotion. I want the viewer to feel a distinct emotion each time they become engaged  with the piece. The experience and connection received between artist and viewer is vital, for each work of art is a window into another's life, psychy and point of view.

Each time viewer and artist connect through this medium it creates a unity that stretches across nationality, ethnicity, economic status, religious and polictial beliefs.

The variety of subjects I choose represent the beauty I find in things and everyday life. It is as multifaceted as my diverse background and allows me to discover and represent the emotion and feelings through different mediums and subjects.

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    Goose Creek
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