E.de Tournillon / Painter

E.de Tournillon

Ellen R. deTournillon

Born and raised in Charleston SC

I have the pleasure of returning to Painting after a 40 year hiatus. During this time my husband and I have raised 2 daughters and have been blessed with two grandsons and a great grandson.

                After fifty- five years of marriage, we have our nest to ourselves again.

I wanted to return to painting … my passion.

I am self taught and find it accelerating when I discover an avenue to enhance my paintings.  Putting the everyday activities and responsibilities aside I become engulfed with the desire of creating a work of art, from a blank canvas.  I have a special interest in creating African American Art. Being a native of Charleston, I have included the historical beauty of this holy city as my eyes see it.

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abstract Egret
Against a red sky the egret streches his, rich tones of  brown, wings to dry them. ..
Wisteria Gate
A beautiful Gate in The heart of Charleston ..
 These birds are eyecatching as they fly over the marsh of the Low Country ..
Waterfront Park
over looking the harbor of Charleston ..
Ladies in Animal Prints
 African Ladies  wearing the hides from the kill the dresses are  cut from mat..
Charleston Gate
there are many beautiful gates in Charleston ... this is one ..
Shell Seekers
The storm brings in fresh shells and this is the best time to find that perfect treasure from the..
Palmetto Sunrise
Charleston starting a new day ..
Egrete are at home in the marshes of Charleston ..
Nude in a field of Lillies
The purity of these white lilies, reflects in the face of this young innocent girl. ..
Dock Street Theater
The oldest theater in South Carolina.  A true treasure of our Holy City ..
Out of Africa
Animals in silhouette against an orange sky at sunrise. ..
Walled Gate with Jasmine
All of the beauty of Charleston ..
small pinapple
yellow and brown pineapple ...a sign of hospitality ..
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