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Deane Bowers

As a self-taught artist, my creative process is guided by two principles. First and most importantly, produce art that makes people happy. Second, strive to be an environmentally conscientious artist whose work has a positive impact on the environment and celebrates recycling as an art form. While my eclectic collection includes pieces in mixed media collage, clay and paint, it is my work in found object sculpture that brings me the greatest joy. I have sold, displayed and donated selected pieces in various retail and gallery locations as well as hospitals and non-profit organizations throughout the South over the past 20 years. 

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found object, paper collage, acrylic on foam board ..
Just Beachin' It
Found object, acrylic on wood ..
Virginia Bird
This piece is a member of my popular Bird Shack series. Crafted from wood collected from the beac..
Found object, paper collage, acrylic on foam board ..
Greeting Cards
Paper collage  Greeting cards 12 cards/envelopes per pack  ..
Blue Shack
Found object Paper collage  Acrylic on wood  8in X 12in  ..
Found objects Paper collage  Foam board  Two sided  ..
Princess Ann Bird
This bird shack is crafted from beach collected wood and highlighted by the sassy bird and the sw..
Bird on Blue
One of the most popular works are my bird shack pieces. This is crafted from collected beach wood..
Crab Shack Jr.
Found object Paper collage Acrylic paint Wood Mixed media ..
Beach Bungalow
Paper collage Found object Wood Mixed media ..
Second Chance Flag
Found object and acrylic on canvas.   ..
Red Shack
Found objects and acrylic on wood. ..
Chicks Rule
Found object, acrylic on wood ..
Junk Flower
found object, paper collage, acrylic, wood on canvas ..
She's Come Undone
Paper collage Acrylic paint Found objects  Wood panel    ..
Yard Bird
Paper collage Found object Canvas Mixed media ..
Broken Heart
Broken metal and various other found objects reflect the broken spirit one feels when experiencin..
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