Carolina Davila Jewett / Oil Paint and other media

Carolina Davila Jewett

I come from a family of artists, my mom is a watercolor artist and both of my grandmothers were artists, one in watercolor and tapistry the other oils and painted on porceline ... both very talented. I studied studio art in school but I followed a career in international business, which was my other major. No matter where life takes me though... I seem to always want to work on my creative side.... I am still searching for a way to build on it and hope that joining Charleston Art Shop is a step in that direction. 

I love doing commisioned pieces but I also love just working on whatever inspires me, I love the way I feel when I give a painting away and see true appreciation from a friends face. Art is a gift you can give to others that is unlike any other, its a way to bring joy to someone from your heart. 

I dabble in jewerly design, clothing design and photography as well as love working with charcoal and pencils. You name it I will try it :-) I love art in every form and am happiest when I'm creating, learning and growing 

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