Carlene Staley / Nature Artist

Carlene Staley

As a nature artist, everything is made from nature's bounty.  Stones and gems for jewelry, sticks and stones for other projects, and being certified in Herbal Medicine, preparation and usage; herbs and natures gifts are used for remedies, soaps, bath and beauty products, oils, wines, aromatherapy, etc...

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Red Jasper necklace
Red Jasper promotes emotional stability, and is a stone of physical strength and energy. ..
Lapis Lazul
Lapis Lazul ..
Orange Calcite necklace
Orange calcite repells negative energy and promotes peaceful, positive energy. ..
Moss Agate necklace
Moss Agate is a grounding stone, and stimulates creativity ..
Amethyst necklace
Amethyst promotes balance, patience, and peace. ..
Silver earings
Silver earings. ..
Torquoise Necklace, bracelet and earings
Handmade Torquoise necklace with silver dragonflies and black beading, bracelet with Torquoise, s..
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