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A self declared person with ADD and uses it to my advantage in my art. I am beginning a new chapter of my life, this journey is going to be treasured by me; for this is the time when I can truly be who and what was planned. I AM AN ARTIST, it IS what and who I am.

In my work I tend not to work on a piece with an actual intention, knowing that a work is there just waiting to be brought forth. I believe that as my work evolves, even from a rough sketch into a finished drawing, to a painting, to even a sculpture. This allows for a freedom to express the diversity within my own life, being displayed through color, emotion, and cultural influences. Producing a glimpse and bring about awareness, allowing the viewer to see something they have not seen before. Typically I allow myself the permission to utilize different mediums, application, and just free play.

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    Mount Pleasant, SC
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