Anything Mosaics / Folk Art

Anything Mosaics

Taking what is old and recycling them to something new! The old Hippie way! 

Very much like take from nature ad to my art work.. like doing lot sealife and nature art.. everthing is for sale at right price all offers excepted. ...

if you have idea be glad to help create it, As a artist we try to put together what people this its how the artist see it.. so you must be happy with his /her work past , present , and future LOL... 

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NOLA is what she is a party in frame yearsofbead gathering collecting inspired me to create a win..
Easy NUH...
My swing on some Jamaican feel art work made with colored glass sand and sea shells and star fish..
south carolina coutry road
This picture combines both the low country feel the sand dirt roads by a body of water near azeal..
Oak Tree
Glass cut tree in window frame can be postioned in window or hung on wall or hung out side your p..
Florida Beach combing
underwater scene inspired by wals on the beaches of Florida finding those sheels and coarl that w..
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